Coat: how to choose it without mistakes

What if I told you that choosing the right coat is easy?


When there is too much on offer, it prevents you from choosing well or even in indecision not buying at all.

And that is precisely the reason why when shopping with people I always point out a way not to make a mistake in the evaluation and thus the purchase.

I call this method: 'TEXT & DECIDE'.

This simple but very good system allows you to evaluate some important factors that will inevitably guide you to your destination.


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Let's see them together:

1) The fabric must be 80% wool or cashmere wool. It is the only material that keeps you warm and is thermoregulating. Absolutely avoid synthetic fibre, which will only make you sweat.

2) Always check the seams and inner lining, a quality coat must have them perfect.

3) A good quality coat will always have a good fit and you will feel it as soon as you put it on.

4) Length and shape? This is where I step in, because you have to evaluate technically and according to your physique the most flattering models.

If you have made up your mind and want to be guided by an expert in the field, you can access an online consultation: FASHION OR GLAMOUR, I will be happy to help you.