my passion is my job

My name is Nicoletta Cosolo and I am the owner of Niki’s Glam. After 15 years in Fashion, first as Store Manager in the famous Quadrilatero della moda of Milan and then as a commercial expert in some of the most famous showrooms, I have decided to become a Personal Shopper and Image Consultant. I work mainly in Milan and Venice, however upon request I can travel anywhere in Italy.

My job is much more than just creating an outfit. My clients share their past, present and future with me and my job is to understand every aspect of their figure and personality. It is not only about how their body and figure, but is profoundly important to catch every aspect of their personality and of their personal and professional life style. My aim is to help my clients gain self confidence and improve every aspect of their life, for example at job interview or in any other situation of their life.

I am convinced that everyone should feel great in their own skin to feel great with others too. My job is to enhance the features that all of us have and that make us special, but that we too often underestimate!

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