Your wardrobe has to speak about you

Nowadays it is more and more important to enhance our individuality and personality.
You should not dress up the way everybody says you should, but find the style that best matches your personality and your true self.
Having your own style will distinguish you from the others. The key is to truly get to know yourself and that is why your role is as important as mine when it comes to analyzing your wardrobe.

How does my wardrobe analysis work?

We will start by analysing your wardrobe and will try to understand which style better compliment your body, you colours and your personality. I will start off by analyzing your lifestyle, so you will be able to communicate who you are to everyone around you.
Your wardrobe needs to speak for yourself! With my advise you will finally get the matching outfits you have ever dreamed of and you will learn to wisely mix and match your new clothes.

The wardrobe analysis can be done also remotely.

There are two effective ways to analyse your wardrobe: in person or remotely.
In the first case I will come to you and we will analyse your clothes together: you will wear your clothes and we will study together some captivating outfits.
If the analysis will happen remotely, you will just need to send me pictures of your clothes and I will resend them to you with the right matches.
I will create specific moodboards and I will show you how to match the clothes you already have and how to add new ones.
I can assure you that at the end of my consultation you will not only have new original outfits, but you will also learn how to mix and match what you already have. You will also learn how to wisely shop and you will never waste your time and money again.
We will have so much fun together. Believe me!

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