Online consulting about your style and your image

  • Have you ever really asked yourself this question: "Who are you"?
  • Have you ever wondered what your style is and if it identifies you?
  • Do your clothes tell about you and who you want to be, or do you wonder why you bought these things that you never wear?
  • What is your physical structure and do you know how to dress properly to enhance your strengths?
  • What are your donor colors, and which enhance your appearance and your complexion?
  • Does your lifestyle match your closet, or do you often open your closet and don't know what to wear?
  • Would you like to use your closet with more creativity?
  • Do you dream of shopping while having fun or are you afraid that the moment rehearsals / dining room will discourage you?

If all these questions, correspond to you and make you curious.
I can palpable help you!

In identity and styling

I am Nicoletta Cosolo and for more than fifteen years I am involved in fashion and create beauty and wellness.
Our purpose is to help women to find and create their own identity.

You can have amusement without upsetting your statue, but on the contrary, interpreting fashion with your personality and training on what clothes and accessories are the most suitable for you.

I will give you practical advice in an individual way and built on your personalities.

For this reason I want to offer you a personalized advice very thorough and useful.

Only two photos of you are enough, one full-length and one in the fullground.

This path will give you the opportunity to get to know yourself better and to learn how to properly manage your purchases and your wardrobe. You will save a lot of time and money if you follow my instructions.

I will send you by e-mail in paper form a form for the cognitive test to which you will have to answer in a meticulous and sincere way to help me to make a complete picture of what it is:


We will connect with an individual video call to discuss your style path and talk about you, body shapes, accessories, hair, lifestyle) and to give me more elements to work on your person and create in this way an image in synergy with you and your desires.


You will then get a complete and personalized report that I will create for you in paper form and that you will be able to consult and use forever, also to avoid wasting money in wrong purchases and not valuing.

If after this start you want to continue to build your beauty and image path, you can decide to let me create online outfits for you with the clothes already in your wardrobe and advise you what you might miss to complete them, or you can also evaluate a beautiful tour of personal shopper with me in your city as soon as it is possible to do so.

I invite you to take advantage of this great opportunity to give you an image consultancy that will surely improve not only your look, but also your personality and self-esteem.


With this course you will learn to:

  • Define and create your own style
  • Enhance yourself according to your physique
  • Learn how to use the right colours
  • Know how to choose and match accessories correctly
  • Reorganise your wardrobe
  • Do conscious and targeted shopping while having fun

Simply send me by email or whatsapp three photos (two full-length (front/back) to assess your build and one close-up to analyse your colours properly) to:

After a careful analysis and meticulous work with practical examples of a "total look" through mood boards (images), I will send you a report that will be very useful and indispensable for enhancing your image in all aspects.

This will be followed by 1 hour video call or call where we will discuss the work done and where you can clarify doubts, arguments, reflections and ask me all the questions you want.

To book such an online consultation contact me here 

+39 338 214 0476


+39 338 214 0476


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