Image Consulting in Milan, Venice and Slovenia

Image plays a crucial role on first impressions.
A personalised Image Consulting service it is essential to learn more about ourselves: if you look at yourself in the mirror and you do not like, or worst, you do not recognise what you see or you are simply just not living the best moment of your life, your body has changed, or you just realise that what you you see does not match your inner side, it is the sign that it’s time for a change!

I can help you with my simple but effective method.

Going through an image change can be extremely difficult if you do not know where to start. Trusting a professional with years of experience it’s certainly the right choice.

‘’I have been working in the fashion world for 20 years and I worked for some of the most influencial names in italian fashion, such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Valentino, Missoni and Giorgio Armani.

Fashion is my passion and I have finally decided to share my knowledge with everyone that needs a professional image consultant .’’

Personalised image consultation: my method!


After meeting in person, maybe after getting a good coffee together or even just via skype if we are too far away from each other, it will be time to learn more about you and your personality to design a unique image for you.

I will ask you everything about your lifestyle, your job and your routine in order to understand where to start with your style makeover, from your wardrobe, your makeup and hairstyle routine.

To find harmony with yourself and the world around you, you will need to say goodbye to your old self in order to welcome the new you.

What will you discover with my Image Consulting service?

With my Image Consulting service you will learn how to build a successful style thanks to three simple elements I will study for you:

  • Clothes that compliment and suit your body
  • Colours and tones that match the colour of your eyes, hair and skin tone
  • The perfect outfit for every occasion (work, evening and free time).

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