Image Consulting 

Let's choose together the best version of you

What's it that makes you feel good when you think about your wardrobe and what you're going to wear today?
You open it up to get dressed and ask yourself, "Now what am I going to wear?"
And I bet you end up wearing the same clothes in the same colours!
And your haircut?... has been the same for years?
Is make-up an almost unknown subject?
Do you feel confused and don't know where to start?
I think the right time has come for you to choose your image change.

As a first step, we will work on defining your personal style in order to identify it also by checking the garments and accessories in your wardrobe.

Through my support you will learn how to visually rebalance your proportions and in doing so be able to apply them independently, through a more conscious use of your clothing.

With the body shape analysis you will learn how to visually rebalance your proportions. 

Through the choice of fabrics, combinations, and shapes that bring you to full awareness of your physical peculiarities and strengths, you will be able to make the most of yourself.

Next, I will propose the discipline of armocromy with which I will identify the colour palette that will make you shine according to your natural complexion, eyes and hair  characteristics.

For this you will also know how to choose the right cut and colour for your hair and you will learn through my make-up tips how to apply make-up according to the occasion, choose the right lipstick, and in this way also enhance the face with harmony.


Finally, we will define together a shopping list aimed at completing your must-have outfits so that you can wear them on a daily basis as soon as possible.
If you would like a less structured service, you can also choose just one of my services by clicking here: All services

My working method is simple and effective!

You will benefit from concrete support such as mine, and we will think about your image care together.
If you want a major improvement that allows you to feel better about yourself and others, you have come to the right place to do so. Now you can choose to do this with me by your side.

The tailor-made service I dedicate to you I have called it: "TOTAL BE LOVED" to say goodbye to confusion and to start loving yourself .

This consultancy is aimed at both men and women and if you are not from Milan or simply don't have time, you can choose: Body shape & styling on line consultancy from the comfort of your own home.

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