Manila Zanolla, model and event manager -Trieste

Nicoletta is the best when it comes to choosing the right outfit, from the one she’s wearing to the one she will advise to you. I take part in a lot of press conferences attended by authorities and television and I often ask for Nicoletta’s advise to choose the appropriate look that matches my style and personality.

Obviously always successful!

Anna Liotta, physiotherapist - Milan

My review on Nicoletta Cosolo can only be positive. When I met her I have found in her not only a true fashion expert but also a sympathetic, open, kind and funny person, besides a person with a great taste. I have asked for her advise in two different situation: for a Gala night and for an advise on a special gift for one of my closest friends. In both situtations she totally understood my needs and my ideas. She took me to the right stores, and with her great expertise she has given me the best advices. The result? Excellent in both cases.

I strongly recommend her and I will surely ask for her advice again in the future.

Claudia Mannino,  Airport hostess - Milan

I have found out about Nicoletta by word of mouth. I needed to reorganize my wardrobe and to buy some new clothes to complete my outfits and I have been able to do it all thanks to Nicoletta’s consultation. The result has been just amazing! Now I know how to quickly match my clothes and I always feel fashionable and trendy.

I recommend this personalised consultation that will make your outfit choice as easy as possible.

Crisia Fiorini, coach feeding nervous hunger - Milan

I have met Nicoletta a few months ago and she immediately caught my attention for her elegance and her knowledge. When she told me what she was about I have decided to ask for her advice to get ready for a business Gala night. Sensational! She understood exactly what I was looking for and she easily found the perfect accessories for my dress and to she took care of every little detail.

Nicoletta is the one and only personal shopper for me. She is the personal shopper of my ♥

Francesca Vela, wellness and make-up networker - Rome

My name is Francesca and I am 6 months pregnant. I have decided to call Nicoletta because my gradual body transformation was getting me crazy and I didn’t know what to wear anymore… I didn’t like any clothes I was trying on and I didn’t feel beautiful! I was totally desperate until Nicoletta helped me and showed me what to wear and taught me how how to compliment my body. She really made me feel a very happy mum to be.

She has given me the best advices ever and I am so glad to have met such an attentive, sympathetic, sweet and very professional woman. She can show you the way even through pictures.

I will never thank her enough! 

N.b.: After Nicoletta’s consultation I don’t wear just black anymore, but I use a lot of colour. I am so happy and I am not ashamed of showing my belly anymore. ;-)

Sara Cerchia, graphic designer - Milan

I received a long-awaited gift from my sister for Christmas...
With Nicoletta I had my first shopping experience with a consultant.

I immediately found myself at ease with her, I am not a fashion victim and I live the moment of shopping more as a necessity than a pleasure and Nicoletta was able to immediately perceive this characteristic of mine and calibrate our experience accordingly.

We found the perfect matches and some special new outfit and I came back home happy and satisfied, with a renewed wardrobe! :-)

Isidora Gallarato, personal wellness networker - Milan 

My shopping day with my personal shopper.
Not just any personal shopper, but Nicoletta Cosolo!
We met during the lockdown on a Facebook group (see when social networks are used well...): we immediately got on well, even if from a distance, because me and Nicoletta are somewhat similar in character.
We put our hearts and passion into what we do.
I finally have a size medium, which allows me to aspire to the type of clothing. I had always dreamed of, but there is a but: yes, because my mind still does not recognise my new body.
So Nicoletta, after a lot of work done on paper with many targeted questions, comes to Milan, takes me by the hand and under the typhoon day in Milan, accompanies me to boutiques, shops in the centre and shows me how to play with clothes, accessories, shoes and bags.
That's not all: we have fun like crazy, take photos and go live on social media, as well as enjoying a delicious lunch under Duomo's spires.

It was an experience I recommend to everyone to do, to understand how to enhance themselves, how to dare and change their wardrobe without changing inside.

Because dear womans and man, the dress makes the man, but no one dresses the soul but ourselves.
Thank you Nicoletta!

Laura de Girolamo, researcher- Busto Arsizio 

I discovered Nicoletta by chance while surfing the net while looking for someone who could help me choose some outfits for important occasions.

I was attracted by the style of her website and the clarity with which her services are presented. And I found that style and clarity in Nicoletta the first time we met.

Shopping with her was targeted and efficient to meet my time requirements, but no less successful for that: in just a few hours we found everything I needed, and all extremely tasteful and suited to my needs as a traveller.

Nicoletta is very attentive to all the details (even the economic ones, which never hurts), as well as being an extremely polite and sweet woman, who never fails in her professionalism and the right relationship with the customer.

She was also able to handle a small problem with a shop, proving again, should there be any need, that she does her consulting work with passion and professionalism.

In short, super super super recommended, whatever your need.
She will help you not only choose the right outfits to make you feel more beautiful, but also more suitable for yourself!

PS: Last but not least...Nicoletta continued to help me even after our date with very useful advice by phone or WhatsApp. And all this just for the pleasure of it, because when you meet her you will immediately understand the enormous passion she puts into her work!

Laura De Girolamo

Francesca Correggioli, Master's Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature - Rovigo

I had the opportunity to go shopping in Milan with Nicoletta, who is very kind, helpful and
She analysed my appearance and explained which colours and clothes I could use to improve my image.
She took me on a tour of various shops, where she showed me different combinations and taught me how to enhance my figure through the right choice of clothes and accessories.
After this shopping experience at his side, I followed his recommendations and targeted advice.
Now, when I go shopping alone, I finally know what to buy to enhance my silhouette and
avoid wasting money on wrong purchases.
A fantastic experience that I highly recommend.
You will be satisfied with Nicoletta, not only for the things she makes you discover in the world of fashion, but also for her company, you will meet a wonderful person.


Sonia De Finis, architect - Senigallia

Nicoletta is an elegant and very polite woman you know how to empathise immediately.
Professionally, she accompanies you in the discovery of yourself with knowledge and skill and without forcing you in any way.

Through her I began to shop with my head, distinguishing between the various qualities of the garments also through the fabrics and learning to choose my own fashion, and not that of everyone else.
The people who frequent me have noticed the improvement because they are finally able to make informed and targeted purchases without wasting time and money.

I advise everyone, men and women alike, to rely on Nicoletta at least once in their lives to avoid throwing their money away on wrong purchases

 Jennie Lee, writer - Hawaii

For many months I have been trying to define my personal style. I live in Hawaii and am limited by the humid climate, casual lifestyle and a body changing with menopause. But I also travel to Italy each year and love to dress more fashionably there, so I did a search for personal stylists all the way across the globe.
Finding Niki has been such a gift!
She is a prompt and excellent communicator and is so thorough in her approach to helping people understand what style will compliment their assets and minimize their flaws.
We did an online consultation and I have received a design overview with photos that I can
carry with me through countries, climates, and seasons to know what shapes of clothes will work best for my coloring and my figure.
Niki asks many great questions to understand her clients and works with much passion to
deliver the highest quality advice.
I cannot wait to go on a personal shopping day with her the next time I visit Italy!!
In the meantime, I have a wonderful overview of my best styles so I can clear out my wardrobe and be ready.
I highly, highly recommend Niki for any of your styling needs. You will not be disappointed as she is just wonderful!

Duska Kovacevic, poetess - Fiume

I met Nicoletta in an extra-professional context, the best circumstance to understand how much one really cares about your profession as an image consultant. I discovered not only a great dedication, but also splendid foundations that make all the difference: culture, in-depth and accurate knowledge of the sector, a great background of experience, with unexpected humility and sincerity alongside.
Her mission is glamorous but at the same time very human and filled with sympathy.

Marta Franelli, product manager- Varese

Nicoletta is an extremely capable, professional and precise consultant.
The armocromy session I had with her was fun and educational at the same time. Following the session, she drew up a detailed report which allowed me to go through step by step all the elements discussed during the counselling and which will guide me in the next shopping sessions. The make-up part was also interesting, full of many targeted tips, really well explained.
Thank you again for the great experience, with the arrival of spring. I will make sure to buy as many clothes as possible in palette.

Martina Farcibank employed - Mantova

An armochromy session with Nicoletta is an experience that leaves you speechless from all points of view. She has the ability to immediately put you at ease with the sweetness and skills that only a professional in the sector for over 20 years can have. In the session, nothing is left to chance, she dedicates her time to you with humanity and attention, always meticulous in answering any question.
With Nicoletta I discovered a new, fascinating world, full of new colors and combinations. His advice provided me with important tools for daily life and made me understand which mistakes I shouldn't make, also thanks to his final report and the palette she releases to you at the end of the session.
She showed me her world in great detail and everything she has studied and learned in the field alongside us women in recent years.
For me it was a beautiful journey that I recommend to all women.