Armocromy = Colour analysis

The purpose of colour analysis Armocromia is to identify the colours that best enhance us and is the essential starting point for any image consultancy.
Colours are not chosen according to the fashion of the moment or the standards imposed by society, but simply through a targeted choice that brings out your strengths.
It's analysed only once in a lifetime because the colours determined will be perfect forever, even after many years.

What is color used for?

Colour serves three different purposes:

  •  Enhance: Knowing how to use the appropriate colours for clothing, accessories, make-up and hair, can enhance your beauty, brighten your face and reduce dark circles and wrinkles.
  • Camouflage: The skilful use of colours in the right places on the body and face will serve to create a focal point to attract attention.
  • Emotion: Every colour, if used correctly, can convey emotions to the person looking at you.
    It's up to you to decide which messages to send according to your needs to reach your goal, work, life.
    Which we must also know how to seize successfully by choosing the right colours.

The techniques

Through the techniques of Armocromy and with the help of special instruments of evaluation tools,I will define all the right shades and colours for you and deliver your customised colour palette.
This analysis goes through three indicators that define the right shade for you:  

  • The undertone or skin temperature which can be warm or cold;
  • The intensity which can be muted or bright;
  • The contrast based on the mix: skin-eyes-hair, which can be high-medium or low.

You find out which season you are by cross-referencing the data of the variables.
In fact, it's not enough to define colours, but it's essential to identify these three further elements to maximise your beauty.



Colours should be chosen on the basis of multiple factors and through a colour consultant who will make you shine.

In fact, knowing how to choose the colours that suit you best for clothing, hair and make-up enhances your beauty and enhances it.

To create beauty and harmony, colours should not only be matched to each other, but should be matched primarily to the person, based on various factors such as colour characteristics.

Stop to wrong purchases is possible through a Armocromy session, which will make everything quicker and easier by learning how to choose the right combinations for your beauty shopping!

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