Personal shopper in Milan, Venice, northern Italy and Slovenia

Are you wondering what are the best shops and the most exclusive and trendy boutiques of Milan?

With me, your personal shopper in Milan, you will discover this and more. I will guide you through the most exclusive spots of Milan, I will advise you on the stores that match your style, time and budget and I will surprise you with new outfits and suggestions.

Personal Shopping in Milan, the Fashion italian capital, and in Venice and Slovenia with Nicoletta Casolo from Niki’s Glam

If you want to discover more about fashion, if you want to know how trendy is your current style, if you love the vintage or the new era, if you want to discover what are the best outlet offers, if you are looking for an exclusive garment, if you want to impress with your milanese look or if you are looking for the perfect gift from Milan, capital of Fashion, you are in the right place!

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