Le Friulane and the new snob era that is also popular with VIPs


Folkloristic to whom? The humble slippers made in the Friuli countryside (a region in the north-east of Italy) are the latest bastion of the most sought-after trendsetters.

Born from poor and recycled materials, today they are re-proposed by new brands capable of recovering ancient traditions to conquer the world.

A country shoe that has become a 'must have'.

Maybe it's because I'm from Friuli and I really must mention it: it was Friulian women who created them, hence the name, using recycled and resistant materials such as bicycle wheel tyres.

They then also became popular among gondoliers in Venice, since once worn they did not damage the wood of the gondolas.

Also loved by the international jet set, they are sold in some multibrand stores around the world. One example for all: Kate Moss bought them from Alex Eagle in Soho, London.

Be careful, however, to know how to recognise the real Friulane and here is how to do it.

Credits: Le Orsine Milan


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How to recognise an original friulana


First of all, it must be said that the terms friulana, scarpet, furlana do not indicate a model as one might think, but the type of workmanship used to create such a shoe.

A fundamental characteristic of Friulian workmanship is that the upper and the midsole are joined together thanks to a stitching carried out exclusively by hand, with needle and thread using a 'T' stitch.

No glue is used, the sole is sewn, not glued, as is the internal reinforcement on the heel, to increase durability and comfort.

The same goes for the insole, no glue, but an external stitching is made exclusively by hand, between the midsole and the upper.

All these steps make a Friulana original. Finally, the stitching of the contrasting white soles is machine-made for aesthetic reasons only.

A tip/test: pull the sole slightly with your thumb and if you see a seam joining the sole to the upper, you have found a true Friulana.

And since I too am a true Friulian woman , and if you don't want to make a mistake in buying, ask me, I will be happy to reveal other secrets of the trade:

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