Here I am

My name is  Nicoletta Cosolo.

After more than 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, first as a Store Manager in the fashion district of Milan and then as a commercial figure in a showroom, I decided to continue my profession as a Personal Shopper and Image Consultant. I work mainly in the squares of Milan and Venice, but in case of need I move throughout Italy.

I worked with many Italian and foreign luxury brands and not only in fashion, but also in jewelry. To name a few: Valentino Fashion Group, Missoni, Polo Ralph Lauren, See by Cloe ’, Valextra, Montblanc, Damiani Group, Giorgio Armani.
The latter was the most memorable experience because I worked for a great designer and in an international world that enriched me further.

My personal style

I really like casual but refined outfits.
For example, in winter I have a passion for boots that are linear or ankle boots. I wear a lot of faux leather leggings that match with wool oversize sweaters. I like the jackets, blazers, turtlenecks and pashmina I have in so many colors.
I love hats and I have an unbridled passion for outerwear: coats, trench coats, biker jackets.
In summer I wear a lot of midi and long dresses and jumpsuits that are among my favorite clothes.
I have a weakness for one-shoulder garments that are dresses or tops.
I wear jeans, but in moderation and more in winter.
Sunglasses, belts, bags and shoes should never be missing combined with the chosen outfit.
In short, my style is casual, but always cared for and chosen in great detail.

What it means to be Personal shopper & Image Consultant


My profession is not just about creating an outfit, but much, much more.
The customer gives me his past, his present, his life and his expectations.
My work means empathizing with those who rely on me. It is not enough to study only physicality but to understand its character, lifestyle and profession.
The goal is to make the person acquire awareness, to bring out self-confidence that is then reflected in all life situations, in work, in an interview, in personal life and in leisure time.
In short, a person must feel good about himself and reflect with others. My job is to bring out the qualities that each of us possesses, but of which he often has no conscience!

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7 Style tips


  1. Always buy the right size and do not be influenced by the smaller size.
  2. Don't buy something just because it's fashionable.
  3. Buy the clothes that enhance your body and your strengths.
  4. Do not wear outdated and outdated items, let alone worn ones.
  5. Knowing how to get rid of items that regularly remain in the closet every season.
  6. Do not wear shoes with high heels if you are unable to walk with ease
  7. Finally, the extra touch is to always know how to match colors based on one's own complexion.
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