The right image

Why contact an image consultant?


How many times do you happen to look at yourself in the mirror and do it with a smile because you recognize yourself and what you see speaks about you?
Or do you open the closet and don't know what to wear to really feel you?
The dilemma arises because you often have the wardrobe full of stuff, but it doesn't communicate. An image consultant helps you and organizes your wardrobe by creating outfits with what you have in the closet and more.
Even if we are far away it is not a problem, we can also provide advice online.
Such as? You send me the pictures of your clothes and I create the right combinations for you. This way you know exactly what to wear when you open the wardrobe. Beautiful, is not it? I also advise you which are the donating colors to make the most of you.

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Being an image consultant means analyzing your personality and enhancing your strengths and even your dreams


It means taking on the big responsibility of your image, it's not just creating an outfit but much, much more.

In a consultancy there is the awareness of the person, his life, the impact for those who look at you, the present and the future.

The image is a serious thing that I live with a smile because my work is the most beautiful profession in the world.

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