Personal shopper for men Milan

A service dedicated to men's image increasingly in demand


I came into connection for men's image consulting in an empathetic way,transported by my vocation for taking care of the image and the person down to the tiniest detail and my desire to make everything more special and unique for him.

For me it was to release my essence,in this case also for the benefit of men,to make them feel at ease in their way of presenting themselves to others with confidence through their best image,also made up of attention to details.

This is my job and I want to tell you how I like to do it :

The shopping session involves the targeted choice of outfits, based on the intended use (work, events, free time), I also define the donating colours on request, I also assess the garments based on  the body of the person, which of course is always subjective.



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A made-to-measure personal shopper service for men:


As an added value, I can also satisfy those who love, as I do, the "made-to-measure" tailoring service for suits, shirts, shoes and accessories, all strictly tailored and made in Italy.
The plus is that you can select according to your taste from a vast selection of quality fabrics and models and can easily satisfy all requests.

Had you ever thought of the personal shopper for men as an opportunity to do some exciting, useful and revealing work on your image?

Had you considered the ramifications for accessing it through a professional and knowledgeable figure like me, even online if distance divides us, and as a way to assert your image?

If you feel like letting me know, and you want to know more without obligation, I would really enjoy reading you: