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How to go shopping during the seasonal sales?


The sales period is here and you don't know where to start shopping?

It seems like an intuitive thing for many to go shopping during the sales, but how many times have you found yourself buying things that turn out to be useless?

Read on if one or more of these scenarios sounds familiar:

1) I spent a lot on the wrong purchases.

2) Once home, I realise that I bought duplicates.

3) I start to think that I am the only one who doesn't know what to buy.

4) I spent too much and was badly tempted by the low prices.

I'll help you with a map that you can find in the rest of the text, go and read it!

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There must be a better approach or not ?


There certainly is! Read on, I will guide you as best I can.

1) Before the start of the sales, if you can, locate and check the full price of the items you are interested in, you can check afterwards if the discount is effective.

2) Check your wardrobe very well, indeed very well, and prepare a shopping list to avoid wrong purchases.

3) Set a spending budget to keep your spending under control.

4) Focus on buying garments that command high prices in season:

  • A good coat
  • A cashmere garment
  • A pair of shoes and/or boots
  • A bag

You know very well that a personal shopping session could help you a lot. And then the combination of sales - personal shopper is the best don't you think?

See what my customers say about it :