by Nicoletta

2023 June, 15

Sales: how and what to buy?

There is a infallible method for not making a shopping mistake during the sales period:


There are a few tricks to use before and during the sales period, which if adopted will save you time and money.

As a first step, I suggest you make an exploratory tour before the sales where you plan to buy clothes.Try them on for size and especially to check the prices on the label.This little exploration may help you to check that the discount during the sales is effective, which is not taken for granted, especially in large low-cost chains.

Before shopping, do a check of your wardrobe to assess what you might need, this way you will avoid buying unnecessary things or, even worse, things that are already in your wardrobe.

Read how I can help you:

Another important thing is to always give yourself a precise budget to avoid spending more than you need without realising it.

Be aware that the Italian retailer is not obliged to exchange merchandise, except in the case of a defect or damaged item; in other cases, such as a change of mind, wrong size or other, it is at the retailer's discretion to exchange it.

As far as payment is concerned, cards must be accepted everywhere, except those with which they do not have an affiliation.

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What to buy during the sales to get a good deal?


There are many things that attract us during sales, driven
by the irrational desire to buy something cheaper,but the line between making good purchases and throwing money away is a fine one.

That's why I'll tell you what are the main things you should focus your shopping on:

  • COAT: A structured, quality, tailored garment in a classic colour such as black, camel or blue - practically a timeless garment, preferably in a pattern that suits you, but I'll help you with that:

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  •  CASHMERE: A cashmere garment is something that has real meaning in our wardrobe,be it a sweater or a dress for us women.Choose it of quality and in a classic colour like grey,black,ivory or blue and it will be forever if you treat it with care.


  • SHOES: Surely you've got your eye on a boot or shoe that you've fallen in love with. This is the right time to go and get it. I recommend trying it on both feet and walking in it for a while to decide if it's comfortable for you.


  • BAGS: Who among us women doesn't have yet another bag of the heart in mind? Invest in the purchase now with no regrets, the bag for us women is the "mother" accessory and therefore deserves attention, and if it costs less then even better.

And if you would like to be guided through all this and more, the personal shopper sales on demand is available to help you save money and make useful purchases that you will wear for a long time. How?

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