And what neck are you from?

 Men's white shirt: to each his own collar

Obviously you can't miss the white shirt in your wardrobe, but which collar should you choose?

     Italian collar, left open is casual, closed with a tie becomes more formal;
     French collar, more elegant and ideal for a tie;
     Mandarin collar, very trendy, refined and versatile for casual and elegant looks;
    Diplomatic collar, suitable for tuxedos or tailcoats, therefore for ceremonies (not for marriage), to be worn strictly with bow ties;
   Botton down collar, it has two buttons that stop it, with or without a tie in casual contexts.

The best fabrics I recommend are: poplin, zphyr, oxford, pin point, twill, piquet, fil a fil, dobby, jacquard. Linen is indicated for more sporty looks and is one of the freshest and most breathable fabrics ever.

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