The definitive guide to choosing the right glasses according to your face shape

First of all: identify the shape of your face!

It becomes essential when looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses or prescription glasses on you analyse the shape of the face.
This is because different types of sunglasses look different on everyone, so identifying the shape of your face in advance will save you time and effort and will also allow you to shop online when you cannot try on glasses.
How many times have you chosen the wrong pair of glasses? When you realise that the model doesn't suit you, don't beat yourself up, you can ALWAYS fix it and learn how to move with awareness and never make a mistake again.Let's start by getting to know some important aspects.

The 4 face shapes:

  • Round - When the width and height of the face are approximately equal.
  • Oval - When the face is long and thin, with the chin slightly narrower than the forehead.
  • Heart - A heart-shaped face is wider at the forehead but significantly narrower at the chin.
  • Square - The jaw is wide and strong and the forehead is broad. 

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Choosing glasses according to your face shape


Choosing the right glasses? We also learn how to do it through shapes.

  • Round shape: Wayfarer, Cat Eye, Square, Wrap, Rectangle
  • Oval shape: almost any shape of sunglasses can be worn. Wayfarer, Oversize, Aviator, Butterfly, Pilot.
  • Heart shape: Wayfarer, Cat Eye, Sport
  • Square shape: can be combined with rounder frames to soften angular features. Round, Aviator, Shield

I'm thrilled to have clarified your ideas and in case you still have any doubts or want a proper assessment of your face shape, don't hesitate - there is still a 30-minute free call with me. Go to the services section of my website: