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The double emotion of dressing a bride in the Covid-19 period

We are in a wonderful location in the province of Venice

Villa Farsetti built in the eighteenth century by a Sienese architect, Paolo Posi and commissioned by the abbot Filippo Farsetti of Tuscan origins.

The bride is Isabella Tonet who will finally get married on June 6 with her Massimo.  Ceremony long awaited because postponed for a few months due to the pandemic from Covid-19.
Isabella summoned me as a bridal style and after comparing myself, some original ideas came up to make a ceremony special as well as chic in such a particular period.
Thanks to the skill of the atelier I turned to, we made a very delicate choice of colors to which we matched the mask in "pendant" with the top. The multilayered tulle skirt combined with the top has made Isabella a cloud and the style has reflected her innate class with simplicity and extreme elegance.

I also studied a very refined and elegant accessory. A bracelet or rather a wrist bouquet with delicate pastel-colored rosebuds and white micro flowers that could be used to place the same mask on it.

The effect was "wow" and for this reason I would suggest the idea to all the brides who will get married at this time.

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Wedding location

Usually I don't deal with the preparation for the ceremony and for the dining room, but with Isabella we thought of making an exception and of giving continuity to the advice started by the bride's style to continue with the style of the location for the ceremony.

Villa Farsetti, with its historical beauty, has made things much easier. So I decided to use materials and colors that lead back to the style chosen for the bride.

The white tulle together with the bouquet of roses and white flowers were the details that made the fil rouge, both for the oval room where the ceremony took place and for the preparation of the restaurant tables. Then the same delicate and refined shades were used which made the ideal setting for the newlyweds with simplicity and refinement.

The end result was satisfying for both me and the couple.

The ceremony was very exciting and it's  one of the factors that make me love my job.