The accessory's importance,a symbol of intelligence and personality.


Today I want  to talk  with you about the belt, a vehicle for affirming the wearer's personality.

It's the famous personal touch, the one that cancels the anonymous, revealing character and completing the outfit with a decisive trait of satisfying uniqueness, necessary for those who experience fashion with style.

It's  more important than the dress, because it knows how to enhance even the most anonymous outfit.

For this reason it should be chosen with great care, preferring quality materials that express craftsmanship and which are synonymous with good taste.

It is the most loved accessory of the moment and is among the "must haves" of this summer and next winter.

Looks and silhouettes follow and they are trendy and thanks to the fashion of midi pants and skirts they are rediscovering a new era.

Credit:Garage Nouveau


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How to wear the belt in a trendy way

There are many trendy models, ranging from the thin ones that wrap jackets and trousers, to the tall ones up to become a "bustier".

The taller ones can be worn this summer on long dresses.

Shorter on short dresses, while they always go well on jeans, where you can also have fun with colors.

Even in the winter season you can really play in many ways for a more sophisticated look.

They can close coats, blazers, or mark the waist on midi skirts and light dresses.

Also always on winter outfits they are perfect combined with cardigans, pullovers or they can make a sweatshirt more feminine.

Credits: Prada