Timeless fashion concept

Timeless fashion concept


A timeless fashion for men / women, made of high quality and rigorously made in Italy garments.

Zanone (knitwear) Incotex (traditional tailoring trousers) Montedoro (outerwear), Glanshirt (Shirts). These are the four brands that represent "Slowear" today.

The company is historic, it started with Incotex specializing in trousers, then over the years it has felt the desire to combine the trousers with other specialist brands, then Zanone for knitwear in 2001, Montedoro for knitwear, Glanshirt shirts.

The fabrics, all made with noble fibers, are chosen on the basis of scrupulous selections and treated, washed and dyed according to modern procedures and experimental techniques.

All products in line with the taste and quality that distinguishes this company from Venice.

The idea of proposing these items to my client excites me because I'm sure they will leave him satisfied and above all he will return to buy more.


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A personalized shopping experience

It 's possible to book a free appointment at the reference Slowear shop  and you will only be reserved for a sales assistant and a dressing room at the time of the appointment.

Just register on the site and choose the shop, date and time.
https://www.slowear.com/it-it/ or contact me directly if you want personalized advice.

You will find the men's and women's collection inside the Rinascente store in Piazza Duomo in Milan where Matteo and his staff will be there to welcome you with courtesy and high professionalism.

I liked the company not only for the undisputed quality of the product, but also for its sustainability behaviors in order to contribute to the respect and protection of the planet.

In addition, particular attention also goes to human resources, protecting the serenity of everyone, through a stimulating and positive environment capable of offering personal and professional growth, to ensure a psycho-physical well-being of the person. 

Behavior that should be adopted by all companies in general.