Image consulting

How did it come about and why is this profession so important today?


Identifying and taking care of clothing, hair style, make-up, and the right colours are all aspects that have to do with image consulting and thus with a person's appearance.

It is through it that we will identify what will also suit our physicality such as patterns, fabrics, colours, lifestyle and personality.

Taking care of one's physical appearance is not a modern invention, since ancient Egypt there have been figures who helped men and women, especially important ones, to have an ideal appearance to stand out in society and be remembered.

The first hints of image consultancy as a means of communication are to be found in the Hollywood of the 1930s.

There were already figures of this type who helped film productions to give an image' to the divas of the time and to choose the most suitable colour tones to arouse the right feelings in the audience.

Think of Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth.with the birth of Hollywood.

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How does the profession of image consultant evolve over time?


The 'modern', conscious image counselling is based on scientific studies, and coincides with the publication of the book 'Dress for Success', by John T. Molloy, which came out in 1975 in the USA.

The best seller emphasised the power that a person's clothing and image can have for personal and professional success. Not only that, it began to define personal perception and also that of others.

Prominent personalities such as Kennedy, began to use an image consultant for the proper management of their public image.

Image consulting is a path that aims at enhancing the person, maintaining the person's natural appearance without distorting it, creating a conscious outer and inner balance.

One cannot become an image consultant overnight.

The profession to be consistent is made up of a lot of study, specific skills, continuous updating, experience in the field, a keen sense of aesthetics and a lot of love for what you do, which must never be lacking.

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